EMMA SDK manually download

You can get latest EMMA version here. Once download you need add it to your Xcode project.

In Xcode, go to General >> Embedded Binaries >> Click + to add a new binary.

Click Add Other and add EMMA_iOS.framework to your project.

In Xcode, go to General >> Linked Frameworks and Libraries >> Click + to add a new library.

Click Add Other and add the EMMA_iOS.framework

Select Status of EMMA_iOS.framework as Optional.



Including SDK in your App (Mandatory)

  • SDK & Install (Minimum requirement to track) 

This guide allows you to track organic and non-organic installs of your App.

Add following files and parameters to your app:

  • Add the following frameworks to your project:
    • CoreLocation.framework
    • AdSupport.framework
    • iAd.framework

If you are having problems executing this lib you should delete all weak-links from your libraries. Also in Other Linker Flags, set up these options -ObjC - all_load:




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