Tracking Twitter App Promotion Installs

EMMA is 100% integrated with Twitter for tracking via AppsFlyer. You will be able to track all the App Installs sources in our Dashboard with no need to integrate Facebook or Twitter SDKs.

Add the following: (available here)

  • AppsFlyerTracker.h
  • libAppsFlyerLib.a

If your project includes CocoaPods you can integrate AppsFlyer in the following way:

pod ‘AppsFlyerFramework’ 

To initialize on the application please add the following code to yourdidFinishLaunchingWithOptions function:

[AppsFlyerTracker sharedTracker].appsFlyerDevKey = @"EMMASOCIALKEY";
[AppsFlyerTracker sharedTracker].appleAppID = @"Your_iTunes_APP_ID";

Add the following code to your AppDelegate.m file atapplicationDidBecomeActive function:

[[AppsFlyerTracker sharedTracker] trackAppLaunch];

The EMMA Social Key you have to introduce is the ID to follow the Twitter campaigns.

To get the EMMA Social Key you have to follow these steps:

1.  LoginEMMA website and go to My Account > Configuration > Edit app.


2.  Go to Media Source Settings and fill the App information:



To get the App Store ID you can copy the ID of the AppStore link, like this example:


To get Google Play ID you can copy the ID of the GooglePlay link, like this example:


3.  Select the Submit option to keep the changes.

4.  Send us an email to and we will send you the EMMA Social Key. You will receive an e-mail with your key.

5.  If everything is set up correctly, you will find the Twitter campaigns in the Acquisition > AppTracker. Once you start to run the campaigns, the data will automatically enter in EMMA.


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