Facebook Reengagement Campaigns

To be able to measure Facebook Reengagement campaigns with EMMA, is important that you follow all the configuration steps explained above in this guide.

Once you have done all this configuration, you must do two more steps.

On the one hand, you must contact your assigned account manager or support to be confirmed if your account configuration is correct and if your account is enabled to measure this type of campaigns.

On the other hand, you must enable the event(s) you want to send to Facebook. To do this you have to:

  1. Login into your EMMA account and go to Manage > Events.FB_RT_1.png
  2. Edit the event you want to send to Facebook.FB_RT_2.png
  3. Enable the Facebook integration check and save the changes. You will know that you are sending this event to Facebook because in the summary table you will see next to the name an f icon. FB_RT_3.png
  4. Choose with which Facebook event you want to match the event that is sent from EMMA.
    • fb_mobile_level_achieved
    • fb_mobile_activate_app
    • fb_mobile_add_payment_info
    • fb_mobile_add_to_cart
    • fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist
    • fb_mobile_complete_registration
    • fb_mobile_tutorial_completion
    • fb_mobile_initiated_checkout
    • fb_mobile_purchase
    • fb_mobile_rate
    • fb_mobile_search
    • fb_mobile_spent_credits
    • fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked
    • fb_mobile_content_view
    • CUSTOM
  5. Write an email to support@emma.io telling us which event are you sending to Facebook and with which Facebook event you want to match it.


It's important that you have on mind that Facebook doesn't use CUSTOM events to optimize traffic, only to measure and segment the audience in Facebook Analytics for Apps.

If you want Facebook to use these events to optimize traffic, you will need to select one of the default events offered by Facebook to matched it.


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