Facebook Reengagement Campaigns

Before creating a Facebook Re-Targeting campaign it's important that you to take into account the following:

1. Previous considerations

Facebook campaign can generate as many actions of new users (acquisition) as of old users (reengagement) depending on the segment. For this reason, if you want to create a campaign to achieve only new users is important to exclude on the campaign a custom audience with the users who already have or had the App.

Reengagement actions are generated by the users whom already have had the app installed and they can come from different Facebook campaigns. On the other hand, the acquisition actions come from the users whom install the app for the first time.

Also, if this is the first time you are going to measure Facebook with EMMA, you must first follow the steps in the Facebook Tracking guide to be able to connect to the social platform correctly and be able to measure all your campaigns.

2. Facebook Reengagement

Once you have done the configuration in the guide above, you must do two more steps.

On the one hand, you must contact your assigned account manager or support to be confirmed if your account configuration is correct and if your account is enabled to measure this type of campaigns.

On the other hand, you must enable the event(s) you want to send to Facebook. To do this you have to:

  1. Login into your EMMA account and go to Manage > Events.FB_RT_1.png
  2. Edit the event you want to send to Facebook.FB_RT_2.png
  3. Enable the Facebook integration check and save the changes. You will know that you are sending this event to Facebook because in the summary table you will see next to the name an f icon. FB_RT_3.png
  4. Choose with which Facebook event you want to match the event that is sent from EMMA.
    • fb_mobile_level_achieved
    • fb_mobile_activate_app
    • fb_mobile_add_payment_info
    • fb_mobile_add_to_cart
    • fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist
    • fb_mobile_complete_registration
    • fb_mobile_tutorial_completion
    • fb_mobile_initiated_checkout
    • fb_mobile_purchase
    • fb_mobile_rate
    • fb_mobile_search
    • fb_mobile_spent_credits
    • fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked
    • fb_mobile_content_view
    • CUSTOM
  5. Write an email to support@emma.io telling us which event are you sending to Facebook and with which Facebook event you want to match it.


It's important that you have on mind that Facebook doesn't use CUSTOM events to optimize traffic, only to measure and segment the audience in Facebook Analytics for Apps.

If you want Facebook to use these events to optimize traffic, you will need to select one of the default events offered by Facebook to matched it.



Can I see clicks from Facebook App Installs campaigns in the EMMA dashboard?

The 3rd party integration with Facebook official partners includes only the conversion and engagement data. However Facebook allows an API connection to get impressions, clicks and campaign costs. Follow these instructions to enable it.

Why can't I see reengagement from Facebook Re-Targeting campaigns in EMMA?

Depends on the connection system used to measure Facebook, EMMA are able or not able to shown reengagement info.

Why can I see in EMMA Re-Targeting section Facebook acquisition campaigns?  visualizo campañas de Facebook de captación?

There are to ways to create segments for Facebook campaigns. By upload manually a file with the users or by using an dynamic system to set the target. 

If you have created a campaign on May 3th with a manually file which contains users who have not the app installed could be happening the following:

  1. A user who is in the file and meets the filter (have not the app install), installs the app organically X days after launching the acquisition campaign.
  2. As a manually file was uploaded and it doesn't updated dynamically, this user who has installed the app organically continue meeting the target of the acquisition campaign.
  3. X  days after the user has installed the app organically, this user see the acquisition campaign and click on the ad. 
  4. This data is treated as Re-Targeting as the user has already the app installed, but it is shown in the acquisition campaign because the user interacted with this campaign as he still meet the target.  

This is the main reason you can see that your acquisition campaigns are generating reengagements and Re-Targeting actions. 

What level of Facebook campaign detail is displayed in EMMA?

A new campaign will be created in EMMA Apptracker based on the campaign placement: Facebook Audience, Facebook and Instagram. Also, offers a breakdown at ad group level in Apptracker reporting by adding a new source for each ad group.

How can I test my Facebook setup?

Facebook doesn’t allow check the setup in a test environment so we highly suggest to launch a test campaign with a budget cap to verify if the first installs are being registered in EMMA dashboard before open the cap.

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