Updating segments in communications

Once you had created you communications on EMMA aimed to a specific established segment, you must take into account the following.

Once a segment is created in a communication, a group of users is being established that have to comply with a series of specific characteristics in order to be impacted by the specific communication.


When the campaign starts to be shown, that is when it's active, EMMA calculates the segment at the beginning of the campaign to determine which users meet the conditions (the segment) to be impacted by the campaign and which don't. You must take into account that segmentation isn't real time, Ten en cuenta que la segmentación no es real-time, but the filters are recalculated from time to time. 

Regardless of whether or not users comply with the segment at the time the campaign is launched, they can perform actions that cause them to enter or exit the segment.

In order to know which users enter and/or leave the segment, EMMA periodically refreshes the segment in order to recalculate which users should be in the segment. This segment update can take from 0 to 30 minutes.

 Segments recalculation

Some factors that influence the time it takes to recalculate the segments are the size of the segment, the tags used, the properties of the device, etc ...)


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