Segment - EMMA Integration

  1. What is Segment?
  2. Initial configuration
  3. Integration
  4. Differences between mapping through the Segment API vs. the EMMA API
  5. Issues with the integration


What is Segment

Segment is a tool that collects, stores and routes your user's data to hundresds of tools, and now also to EMMA, at the push of a button. This allows easy "integration" with EMMA and other tools without the necessity of a technical team to fully integrate the EMMA SDK.

In this way, by measuring events and users through the API and Segment libraries, you can send all your data to EMMA in an easy, fast and simple way. Once we receive the data, they are processed quickly so that you have access to them from our dashboard so you can proceed to its analysis and later use.


Initial configuration

The configuration to start sending your data form Segment to EMMA is the following:

  1. Register to get your Segment account.
  2. Register to to get your EMMA account.
  3. Create a project for your app in Segment and choose EMMA as one of your integrations.
  4. Creata a new app in EMMA. Once done it, you'll get your API Key, that you will need next to finish the integration.
  5. Introduce the EMMA API Key in the EMMA integration configuration panel on Segment.
  6. Choose the way you want to integrate EMMA and Segment and install the correct Segment library  to the type of integration you have chosen.
  7. To start measuring events, make the Segment identify call and the track methods in your app to assign a user ID and measure events.



EMMA integrates with Segment the identify method and the track method. To integrate it into the applications, access to the Segment documentation for Android, iOS and Xamarin.

  • Identify: The identify method assigns a user to the anonymous user. The added traits will be process as extra tag of this added user.
  • Track: The track method is equivalent to trackEvent method in EMMA, adding the different events to the user/device.

Difference between mapping through the Segment API vs. the EMMA API

Segment and EMMA use different nomenclatures for similar functionalities:

Segment's API EMMA's API Description
track  trackEvent This will track an event. 
track with token "Order Completed" trackOrder This will track a purchase event.
track with token "Register" registerUser This will track a register event.
identify without traits loginUser Update the user info and track a login event.
identify with traits trackExtraUserInfo, loginUser This will add tags for logged user, update the user info and track a login event.
screen n/a n/a
group n/a n/a

To get more info you can see the EMMA documentation in segment.


Issues with the integration

If you're having issues with the Segment/EMMA integration, you can contact with EMMA support (

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