Double Authentication Factor

If you want to have an extra security when user's who have access to your app login into the tool, EMMA offers you an option that is the double factor authentication. 

But, what is this? It's very simple, each of the users with access to your app must download the EMMA app from the store, log in to it and enable the double factor check. Once this is done, when that user is going to access to EMMA, he will receive a push notification in the app with a code that he will have to add in EMMA to be able to log in. In this way, only the owner of the access will be able to access the tool since it's necessary to verify through a push code preventing users who should not have access to the platform.

Follow these steps to enable the double authentication factor.  

  1. Download the doble factor EMMA app for Android and/or iOS in your device.
  2. Log in the app with your EMMA user.2fa_1.png


  3. Enable the double factor check.2fa_2.jpeg


  4. Go to EMMA and log in as usual. 2fa_5.png


  5. Once you press submit, you will receive a push notification with a code on your device.2fa_3.png


  6. Add the code received in the push to be able to access EMMA normally.2fa_4.png

Easy, isn't it? Once logged in you will be able to navigate in EMMA with total normality as you did until now.


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