Users redirection according to OS version

If your app is not compatible with a particular version of Android or iOS, you can set a minimum version necessary for the users to be redirected to the PlayStore or the AppStore.

The usual behavior of a tracking link is that when a user clicks in EMMA’s tracking link and the user hasn’t had the app installed, is redirected to the pertinent store so that they can download the app.

But, what happens if your app is not compatible with some versions of the operative system? Then, all you have to do is a small configuration on EMMA so that only those users with a minimal version of the operating system are redirected to the stores.

To do this, you only have to follow this steps: 

  1. Login on EMMA and go to My Account.redireccio_n_1.png
  2. Edit the configuration of your App from Configuration > Edit app.redireccio_n_2.png
  3. Go to Media Source Settings section and edit the configuration of Apple Store and/or Google Play whether or not you want to add a minimum version to each OS or not. Select the wanted version and save the changes.redireccio_n_3.png

Once this small configuration is done, only those user whose devices has the minimum version of the OS stablished, will be redirected to the store to download the app. Users who have a version minor than the minimum required will be redirected to the alternative URL. In this article you can see more info regarding about Apptracker section.




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