iOS certificates for Push Notifications

If iOS certificates to send push notifications of your App has expired, you have two options:

  1. Stop to use classics certificates and start to use the Auth Key. The Auth Key is a certificate which among other things, group certificates both production and development. As well as it doesn’t expire each year as classic certificates. In order to know more about this new certificate click here.
  2. Update your current certificates. To see how to update them read on.

If you have decided on the update certificates option, in this simple guide you can see the steps to follow to update them correctly

1. First you have to request a certificate from a certificate authority. To do this, open up Keychain from Applications > Utilities.


2. Then you have to enter your email and add a name for the new certificate. Select “Saved to disk".


3. This will generate a file called “CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest”. You now need to upload this in your Apple Developer account.

    • Go to iOS Provisioning Portal
    • App IDs
    • Click Configure beside your app.
    • Click ‘Enable for Apple Push Notification service’.
    • Click Configure button next to Development.
    • Click Continue
    • Upload the ”CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest” file.

4. This will generate an aps_developer_identity.cer certificate. Double click on it to save it into your Keychain.

5. Repeat this process for production: Now, you will need to regenerate a development Provisioning Profile for your app because the current one you won’t be aware that of the push notification capabilities.

    • Go to Provisioning in the sidebar and click Edit, then Modify next to your app. You need to change something for it to regenerate a new provisioning profile, for example, you can just deselect one of your development devices.
    • Then click Submit.
    • Refresh the page and your Provisioning Profile should be ready for download.
    • Now go into Organizer in Xcode and delete the old Provisioning Profile. Drag your new profile into Xcode to install it.
    • You will now need to change the coding signing entries in Build Settings to reflect your new Provisioning Profile. Make sure you change the code signing settings under Targets as well as Project.
    • Finally, you need to generate two p12 for each certificate. Go to Keychain and look up for your Apple Push Development Certificate.
    • Then, right-click, export. You should put a password, this password needs to be provided with your p12 for installing on EMMA server.
    • Click the right arrow and repeat the process for your private key. Now you will have two p12, one for the certificate and one for your key.
    • Repeat it for production using the same password 

6. Login EMMA website and go to My Account > Configuration > Edit app.



7. Go to the configuration O.SiOS Push certificates section to upload your certificates. Select Upload certificates to load your Dev y Prod certificates (archivo .p12) with the passwords and select Submit to save the changes: 



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