Tracking with Apple Search Ads

With Apple Search Ads you can promote you iOS mobile app to be shown in the first AppStore search result.

EMMA, Apple's integrated partner, allows you to mesure all the conversions that come from this format.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Get your campaign group id and the certificates
  2. Configure Apple Search Ads in EMMA
  3. Main causes of discrepancy
  4. Frequent questions


To be able to measure your Apple Search Ads campaigns in EMMA, you must have the EMMA iOS SDK version 4.2.13 or higher. To know how to integrate the EMMA SDK click here.


1. Get your campaign group id and the certificates

Log in to your Apple Seachr Ads account to get your Campaign Group ID and the necessary certificates to connect to EMMA.

  1. Get you Campaign Group ID. To do this, you have to go to the upper right section where is your user name and copy the ID. 



  2. Get the necessary certificates to do the connection with EMMA. To do this, click on settings from the upper right dropdown menu (where you see your user)



  3. Create your certificates from the API section by clicking on the Create API Certificate button.



  4. In the pop-up, fill in the name field and choose the Account read only option. 4.pngIf you are an agency and you work with many campaign group you must get a specific certificate for each one. To do this, in the pop up, add a name to the certificate and select the option Limited Access. In the new dropdown menu choose in the first the campaign name wanted and in the second one the rol (read only)


  5. Select the check of the certificate you have already created and select Download certificate from the Actions dropdown menu. 


Once the certificates are downloaded, you will get to files (one .pem and other .key) that you will need to finalize the configuration in EMMA.


2. Configure Apple Search Ads in EMMA

The last thing left to start measuring your Apple Search Ads campaigns in EMMA is to connect the console to the EMMA apptracker following this easy steps.

  1. Log in to your EMMA account and go to the Integrations section.6.png


  2. Edit the configuration of Apple Search Ads by clicking on the Edit integration button. 7.png


  3. Fill in the fields with the information obtain in your Apple console. In the Campaign Group ID field you must put the ID that you have obtained from your Apple account. The certificate with .pem extension must be added in the Certification file field, and the file with the .key extensions must be added in the last field, key file. 8.png


  4. Click on Save&Connect to save your configuration.

Once you have completed all the these steps, you can begin to see the results of your Apple Search Ads campaigns in the EMMA Apptracker.


3. Main causes of discrepancy

In this section you can find more extensively the main causes of discrepancy that may exist between EMMA and Apple Search Ads (from now on ASA) data

  1. Install vs open

    ASA counts all the downloads as installs/conversiones meanwhile EMMA only counts the download of the app and the first open of it as install (which must be a minimun session of 4 second, which is the time it takes to make the connection with Apple to send us the data)

  2. Limited ad tracking

    If users has the limit ad tracking enable to not receive ads base on his interests, will be attributed to ASA but not to EMMA. This is because, as a result of the privacy policy, ASA can't share the information of those specific users with EMMA.

  3. Attribution window

    ASA attribution window is 30 days while EMMA attribution window is 2 days. This is one of the main reasons of discrepancy between ASA and EMMA.

    If a user clicks today on an ad and download the app two days after that, ASA attribute this user to one of his campaigns. Nevertheless, in EMMA, if a user clicks today on an ad, download the app tomorrow but doesn't make the first open until 3 days after the click, this installs won't be attribute to an ASA campaign in EMMA.

  4. Re-Installs

    ASA counts re-installs. Those users who have had the app in the past, have uninstalled it, and re-install it again through an ASA ad, will be attributed as re-installs in ASA.

    In EMMA if a user have had the app in the past and re-install it again through an ASA ad, won't be attributed as a new installs to that campaign as this user already exist in our data base.


4. Frequent questions

What level of breakdown will I have?

In EMMA you will find your campaign by the same name the you gave to the campaign in the Apple console. In addition, you can easily differentiate it because it will have the Apple icon in front of the name.

As for the breakdown of the campaign, each source will take the name of the Ad Group you have given it in Apple Search Ads.

What data will I be able to see in EMMA?

From the EMMA Apptracker you will be able to see the data of impressions, clicks, cost, installations and in-app events carried out after the installation.

Why EMMA shows a campaign with the name of Campaign Name which is not on ASA's Dashboard?

The ASA campaign, CampaignName, which you see on EMMA AppTracker is a test that EMMA make as a method to check that the conection is ok. That's why you see some installs attributed to this campaign.

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