Data Loader - Importing data into EMMA

EMMA provides a lot of information collected through the interactions that users make with your app, but it's possible that sometimes you have user information not collected in the app but interesting for analysis and segmentation from the tool itself. That is why EMMA has a system (Data Loader) that allows you to import extra information (tags) to our system through a CSV file.


The import of extra information can only be done for user tags (TAG's) and can only be done by users with admin or manager role.

To upload this extra information just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Behavior > Explore section from the left side menu. Once you are in the Explore section, select the "Data Loader" button.


  2. Download the available template and complete the table with the information you want to import. The template is structured as follows:

    Customer ID Its de first column and the one that is used as reference to make the match in the data import. In this field you will have to fill in the values "CUSTOMER_ID" of those users on whom you are going to import information. In order to be able to do this import, these customer identifiers must have been collected by the EMMA SDK beforehand.
    Other columns You can fill in the rest of the columns with the information you want to import. Enter in the first row of the column the name of the TAG on which you will load information. Complete the values that each TAG should have for each user row by row. The information in these columns will be imported into EMMA by overwriting the existing values.

    New TAG's

    If the column name does not exist in EMMA, a new attribute or TAG will be created with the name provided in the CSV file from which the import is being performed.

  3. Save the file in csv format separated by commas. It is important that the values do not have spaces between them so that the loading is done correctly.
  4. Drag the csv file to the import section. EMMA will show you a preview and a summary of the upload that will be done:
    • Registers that will be updated.
    • Registers not found, either because the CUSTOMER_ID is not found in BB.DD or because the file format or structure is not correct.
    • New TAGS or user tags that will be created in BB.DD since they did not exist previously.  
  5. Validates that the information has been successfully imported by performing a Raw Export. If you don't know how to make a Raw Export, in this guide you can see step by step how to do it.
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