Share messaging campaigns

With the share messaging campaigns function, the users can see all the campaigns created below an account and clone them, no matter what was the app in which the campaign was created and no matter what was the app from which it is being accessed (as long as you have access to more than one app in the same account).

Share messaging campaigns

If you have access to a few apps in the same account, you can see that the Messaging section shows a button from which you can chose if you want to see only the campaigns from the current app or the campaigns from all apps. 


If you choose All appsthe scheduled campaign table will be as the following:


In the Campaign Name column we have a cloud icon in those campaigns which doesn't belong to the current app, so the identification of them it will be easier and faster. Also there is a new columns called App in which we can see from which app are the campaigns. 

Campaigns created in other applications can be previewed by clicking on them. In the preview, we will only see a summary of the campaign settings and we will have two options, Close details and Clone from X (app name). With this last option, we can clone the campaign directly. 



The app A campaigns cannot be edited from app B or app C, they can only be previewed or cloned.

How to clone campaigns

When you want to clone campaigns from another app, there are two options for doing so.


  1. If you are previewing a campaign, we can clone it directly from this screen with the Clone from app (app name) button in the bottom-left side (saw above). 
  2. In the scheduled campaigns table, we can clon the campaign by clicking on the campaign options and clicking on the Clone from app (app name) option.

The only configuration that is not cloned from one campaign to another is the start and end dates. This is the only field we will have to cover when cloning the campaign in order to scheduled it. 


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