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Inside the Manage section in EMMA where you will find a screen called Tags, from where you can configure the tags your application is sending to EMMA from the SDK. In this article you can find more information about tags. Also you can see how use them in Push notifications and in InApp comunications. 

To be able to see the list of tags in this screen, the app musth have been previously tagged, otherwise, this screen will be empty.

Here you can see all tags that are being send to EMMA and you can configured the type of informations each one will contain.


Is responsability of each application to include in the tags the information previously agreed. So, if a text type is assigned to a numeric value field on this screen, EMMA will interpret it as text. 


In each tag you can select the type of information it will content through a selector with three options: 

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date


Once the wanted value is selected, the changes will be saved automatically.

Remember that depending on the type of information with which the tag is configured (text, number...), it will affect how these labels can be filtered and segmented. 

In the following table, you can see the type of operator that will accept each type of tag. 

All tags type

is set
is not set

Text tags or numeric tags

does not equals

Numeric tags

more than
less than

Date tags

was on
was ago
was more than
was less than
anniversary is



At the moment, these tag customizations will only be applicable to the Rules recipes and not yet to the Explore, Push and Messaging segmentation.

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