Google Ads Integration for Universal App Campaign (UAC) measurement (New API)

From April 1st, Adwords will migrate all of its accounts to the new dashboard (currently in BETA), where it will only allow you to configure campaigns for mobile apps under the App Campaign (AC) mode.

Review the following steps:

  1. For the attribution of any Adwords campaigns it's necessary that your app is sending us the advertising identifier of the device (IDFA/AAID). Visit our integration guides for more information. 
  2. Go to My Account and be sure that the iOS BUNDLE ID and Android GOOGLEPLAY ID fields are correctly configured. 
  3. All the documentation described below must be used in the new Adwords interface. If you are still using the old interface, click to change to the new one in the warning message that appears at the bottom of your screen:


If everything is ok... ¡Let's get started!

  1. Create the Adwords LINK ID
  2. Configure Adwrods in EMMA
  3. Enable the In-App event notification (optional)
  4. Add you conversion in Adwords
  5. Global account (MCC) with subaccounts
  6. Frequent questions


1. Create the Adwords LINK ID


This action can only be done for the admin of Adwords account.

1. Log in to your Adwords account and go to Tools.

2. Select "Linked Accounts".


3. In the Third-party app analytics box you must click in DETAILS.


4. Add a new account by clicking on the "+" button. 


5. Select the Other Provider option in the drop-down menu.


6. Introduce the following Provider ID: 5623804413


7. Copy the new LINK ID that identifies your mobile app in Adwords. Remember to generate a LINK ID for each of your apps.


2. Configure Adwords in EMMA

1. Log in to EMMA and choose your app. Then, select "Integrationsin the upper right drop-down menu.  


2. Click on "Add Connection" in the Adwords integration.


3. Introduce the LINK ID previously generated in Adwords for iOS and/or Android. Then click on "Save&Connect"



3. Enable the In-App event notification (optional)

1. If, in addition to installs, you want to send an in-app event to Adwords, go to the section Manage > Events in the left side drop-down menu.


2. Click on the edit icon on the event you want to send.


3. Enable the sending of the event to Adwords through the selector. Click on "Send". 



In order for Adwords to start recording conversions you must open your app and perform the events you want to send at least once. After having made it, it can take up 6 hours for the new conversions to change their status from "No recent conversion" to "recording conversion" 


4. Add your conversions to Adwords

1. Log in to your Adwords account and go to Tools.

2. Select "Conversions".


3. Click on the "+" button to add a new conversion tag.


4. Select the "APP" option in the list of typologies.


5. Select the "Third-party app analytics" option and click on continue. 


6. Select the "first-open" event for each app (mandatory to measure installs). Optionally you can select the in-app events you want to attribute in Adwords.


7. Click "Import and Continue".

8. Now you wil see the list of integrated conversions. 

9. In order to see that events on the reporting campaign of Google Ads, make sure the tags you have integrated are on conversions. To do that, click on the wanted conversion's tag name and check that the include in "conversions" is YES



5. Global account (MCC) with subaccounts

If you have created a Global account (MCC) which has a lot of subaccounts, to be able to mesure all the data from the subaccounts in EMMA, you have to follow this steps to get configured. 

1. You have to link up the MCC account with EMMA through the link id.

2. Go to the son account (subcuenta) and copy the customer id.


3. Once you have the customer id of the son account, you have to return to the global account (MCC) and go to Tools > Linked accounts >Third-party app analytics.


4. Select the Share with another account option. 


5. Add the customer id of the son account and follow the process.


This steps should be done to each son subaccount below the global account (MCC). If there are 3 subaccounts created, you must follow these steps 3 times and so on.


6. Frequent questions

Why can't I see the click in EMMA?

The UAC Adwords campaigns do not allow the use of tracking links or their sending to third parties, so this data can only be seen in the Adwords tool. 

Why can't I see the cost of my campaigns in EMMA?

The new integration with the API only allows EMMA to show install and in-app event data for these campaigns. 

Where can I see the Adwords campaign resaults in EMMA? 

In the EMMA section Acquisition > Apptracker or in Behavior > Explore filtering "Users from Campaign".

What detail of campaign breakdown does EMMA offer? 

EMMA Apptracker will show the results of the Adwords campaigns according to their modality. In this case, the Universal App Campaigns will appear under the "Adwords UAC" name. In the campaign will appear different sources that will take the same name of the campaign in Adwords. Example: 

Campaign: Adwords UAC

Sources: Android_Genérica_Abril



              [ .... ] 

¿How can I run a re-engagement campaign for my app?

In the new Adwords interface this option is not available and as they have announced it will be not available in the old interface too in September 17th. 

The only alternative offered is to promote a mobile app through out an "Universal App Campaign" (UAC) and select as objective "App actions". With this, the traffic will be optimized to be able to gain the wanted event, but in no case is it a re-engagement campaign.  

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