Configure EMMA Powlink

What's Powlink?

Powlink is the advanced technology that allows EMMA deeplink generate an intelligent link can distinguish several different scenarios:

  • The user does not have the app installed on his device. In this case the link will redirect the user to App Store or Google Play depending on the device operating system (iOS / Android respectively).
  • The user already has the app installed on his device. In this case, the link will open the App, so that from any other App it's possible to link the content that we have in our App.

Powlink integrates iOS Universal Link and Android App Links into a single link, maximizing native deeplinks implementations.

How to set up your App to use Powlink

First you need to set the My Account / Media Source settings in your App in the following section:

  • Google Play ID and Cert Fingerprints to support Android Powlink.
  • App Store and App Bundle ID Team ID for Powlink in iOS.
  • subdomain to be used.


Secondly, it is necessary that the application is configured to support Powlink. You can find the necessary information for configuring the application for iOS and Android here.

How to use Powlink

When add or edit a Source (traffic source) for a campaign, we have the Deeplink section, which can enable each Source we have.


In this section, we will introduce the destination to which we want to send the user in case of having your App. As an example, a structure of page/product is suggested. This will be the screen and/or section that will be shown to the user when opening the App. When saving, this path will be used to generate the Powlink over the domain.


Once saved, in the list of sources of the campaign, we can have the URL of our Powlink and share it publicly with your suppliers / means for measuring your campaigns to attract users.



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