How to cancel My Account

Do you want to unsubscribe from EMMA ? :(

We hope that your experience has been satisfactory with the platform and with our service. We would love you to stay with us!

We would like to remind you that EMMA gives you the option to keep the platform for free with LITE Plan, so if in the future you decide to return to work with us, your account will remain available.   

Is that a better option for you? We hope so!

But if you finally want to cancel your account, you have to follow these steps: 

1.  Login in EMMA and got to My Account > Account and select the Cancel my EMMA Account option:



2. Once you select it, you will see a form where you can tell us why you decide to leave us, so we can improve: 


3. Select Continue. You will see a confirmation window to cancel your account permanently:



Before you cancel your account, remember to do an Export of all your data. In EMMA , we are always committed to full transparency and all that you have with us, it's totally yours.

So, don't forget it! In 10 days maximum all your data will be removed from the platform. 

We are so sorry of your lost and we look forwark to work with you in a future!

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