Duplicated Push Notifications on iOS devices

Do you have problems when you receive the push notifications on your iOS devices?

If this is your case and you receive duplicated notifications, it is probably because your AppDelegate is registering more than one notification. To solved this, you should make the appropriate modifications and change your AppDelegate with only one method to register the notifications. It could be EMMA or a custom system.

You have two options to do that:

Option 1. Use eMMa SDK

There are two ways to do this:

A) Add [eMMa startPushSystem:launchOptions] in the AppDelegate.

B) Add [starteMMaSession:@”key” withOptions:launchOptions] in the AppDelegate. After this, add [eMMa startPushSystem:NULL] anywhere in the App.

Option 2. Don't use eMMa SDK.

A) Add [eMMa starteMMaSession:@”key” withOptions:launchOptions] in the AppDelegate.

B) Do a custom notification register.


If you use the Option 2. Don't use EMMA SDK, remember to check your code and verify that you are not using the eMMa startPushSystem method. It is necessary to remove it in case that you are using this Option 2.

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