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If you were working with other SDK collecting your campaign data, you can now export this info from your old tool and import it to EMMA to match the user data assigning each device to a campaign, to a source and to a date previous to the EMMA SDK integration. 

This could be useful if you want to avoid incorrect device dates and duplicate install matching between both tools as we explain in this article

1. First of all export the csv you want to import from your old tool. This is the list of tools data supported:

IMPORTANT for Facebook App Installs export: Be sure to sign Facebook’s Data Use Terms for Advanced Mobile App Measurement before the data collection. If these term are not signed before the collection, you could not export your Facebook data.  The terms must be signed by all users with access to the app in Facebook Developers. 

2. Go to EMMA My Account and in your App, select Get Data:


3. Select the files you want to load (this process will take some minutes depending on the file size)



4. Once the file is loaded EMMA will inform if all rows have been imported or if there was any error. Errors usually mean missed data (review columns to confirm if the report structure is correct) 


5. If you go to Acquisition > AppTracker you could view the new campaign created with the imported data named as "[TOOL]_Data Importer". Click on the campaign name if you want to review the sources or use the tracked links generated to add more traffic to a source.



IMPORTANT: Keep in mind only installs info is imported. Not clicks, costs or old events in-app. 

6. You could also view this info in Behavior > Users using the filtering by campaign.


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