How to test the install referrer

This guide provides the ability to test the correct implementation and activation of the Install Referrer on Android Apps using our SDK described here.


Follow the next steps:

1.  Install the Android App without executing it.

2.  Set the Smartphone into Development mode (More info).

3.  Download and install (if not already installed) the Android SDK Tools from here.

  • If only needed for test pursposes, we recommend the Standalone pack.
  • Go to the “VIEW ALL DOWNLOADS AND SIZES” section on the link provided and get your platform package under “SDK Tools Only” table:

sdk tools only

4.  Connect the Android Device with the App installed to the computer using USB.

5.  Search the path of the ADB tool and go there with a Terminal Emulator or similar (more info).

6.  Execute the command “./adb devices” on Mac OS X or Linux, or “adb.exe devices” on Windows. You should get a result similar to this:

ADB devices

7.  Now the test environment is completed. Open the App on the device and execute the following command on the ADB tool changing “MY.APP” for the correct name of this App:

  • adb shell am broadcast -a –es “referrer”“utm_source=test_source&utm_medium=emma&utm_term=test_term&utm_content=test_content&utm_campaign=666″

8.  You should let some time to the App to send us the Android Referral inserted manually. The best way is using the App a little bit.

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