Tracking Facebook


Tracking Facebook App Installs

Facebook App Installs is the Facebook format oriented to reach new users in mobile devices.


In order to start measuring Facebook App Installs campaigns you need to follow these instructions:

1. Register your app with Facebook to get the Facebook App ID (you will need it later). You can check the specific instructions here in “Step 1: Register your Mobile App with Facebook”.


2. Accept the Data Use Terms of Facebook from all the accounts with administrator rol in Facebook Developers.

3. Configure your Facebook App ID in EMMA to get the EMMA SOCIAL KEY, the code to connect your app with the Social SDK.

4. Integrate the EMMA SDK code to enable the Facebook & Twitter tracking with iOS and Android. In these articles you will know how to obtain the EMMA SOCIAL KEY.

5. Setup your campaign with Facebook. Click here and follow “Get started quickly”.

Performance data will automatically enter EMMA once the campaign is activated and generating data.


EMMA Configuration

To start mesure your campaigns in EMMA you have to follow this steps to finish the configuration:

1. Log in to the EMMA website and go to App Preferences from the drop-down menu by hovering over your username (top right).


2. Configure AppStore information (url of the app in the store) and AppStore ID for iOS and Google Play information (url of the app in the store) and Google Play ID for Android.


To obtain the App Store ID you can copy the url generated in the AppStore, like the following example:


To obtain the Google Play ID you can copy the ID through the GooglePlay url, like in the following example:


3. Once this is set up, go to Acquisition > Media Sources.


4. Find the Facebook media feed and in the side menu, click on edit.


5. Set the Facebook App Id obtained previously and click Save.


6. If everything has been done correctly, you will find the Facebook campaigns in the Acquisition > Apptracker section. Once the campaign is active, the performance data will be automatically entered into EMMA.


In app events tracking

Apart from mesure the Facebook campaign in EMMA, you also can send to Facebook any inapp event that you are tracking in EMMA. Follow this simple steps to configure the event for Facebook:

  1. Log in to the EMMA website and go to Acquisition > Media Sources.

  2. Edit the Facebook media feed.

  3. In the Events section, click on the add event button to add the events you want to send to Facebook. It is important that in the Event ID for the Media Source column you select the Facebook event to which the event sent from EMMA will be linked.FB_08.pngDecide in which Facebook event you will want to link the event send from EMMA.

    • fb_mobile_level_achieved
    • fb_mobile_activate_app
    • fb_mobile_add_payment_info
    • fb_mobile_add_to_cart
    • fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist
    • fb_mobile_complete_registration
    • fb_mobile_tutorial_completion
    • fb_mobile_initiated_checkout
    • fb_mobile_purchase
    • fb_mobile_rate
    • fb_mobile_search
    • fb_mobile_spent_credits
    • fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked
    • fb_mobile_content_view
    • CUSTOM

 CUSTOM Events

It's important that you take into account the following notes about the CUSTOM events:

  • Facebook does not use this type of events to optimize the traffic, only to measure and segment the target in Facebook Analytics for Apps. If you want o use the events to optimize traffic you will need to select one of the Facebook default events to link it.
  • You can use this kind of events to create audiences on Facebook.
  • You can't difference this events on the Ads Manager. All will be shown under the Custom label.
  • In Analytics for Apps you will be able to different CUSTOM events from each other as you can see the real event name.


Facebook API: tracking impressions, clicks and cost of campaigns.

The new connection of API Facebook allows us to obtain impressions, clicks and cost of campaigns. To do this connection follow these steps:

1. Go to Facebook Developers and get into Facebook Login. There you must allow the url in Valid OAuth redirect URIs and check the Web OAuth Login as YES. You have to check the Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs as YES too.



Check the botton Native or Desktop App is selected as NO into Settings > Advanced:


2. Configure the Secret Key in the section My Account at EMMA. You can get this ID from the dashboard of Facebook Developers.


3. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and log in with an administrator roll.

4. Go to your account at EMMA and get in Acquisition > AppTracker, you will see the next information. Press Connect with Facebook:

EMMA_6.pngAnother option to connect with Facebook, is going to My Account at EMMA and connect through Apps > Get Data> Facebook.

5. If you haven't a active session in Facebook in the browser, when you click to connect you will notice this:


If you have an active session and the login is correct, you will see a green pop up indicating that the connection with Facebook was successful.



* This connection option with Facebook is entirely optional, and if you do not want to do this you simply close the dialog box generated automatically:



The connection with the Facebook API must be renewed every two months. If you stop measuring data or you back out the message " Connect with Facebook" you must follow the same process explained in this article.


Facebook Reengagement Campaigns

To obtain more info regarding on how to measure Reengagement campaigns with EMMA, visit our Facebook Reengagement Campaign guide.


Discrepancies with Facebook Mobile Ads Dashboard

Sometimes there are discrepancies between the Facebook dashboard and the EMMA dashboard.

That's why, within Facebook's Ads Manager, Facebook uses a 1-day view through and 28-day click-through attribution model. EMMA reports only on the installs generated from clicks with 28 day click-through.

Additionally, on Facebook's Ads Manager insights are surfaced based on impression or click time, not install or conversion time that we use at EMMA.

Please keep this in mind when comparing your reporting to Facebook Ads Manager reports.

While we work closely with Facebook to minimize these discrepancies, advertisers should be aware of the following reasons for them:

Cause Facebook EMMA
Install Record Date Facebook records new installs on the click/view time, which can be up to 28 days in the past. EMMA records new installs on installation time (the very first launch of the app).
Attribution Window Facebook attributes 1-day view-through and 28-day click-through based on impression or click time.

EMMA reports only on the installs generated from clicks with 28 day click-through.

EMMA doesn't report on ad view installations.

** This is the main cause for discrepancies between EMMA and Facebook, please see screenshot on how to view the different attribution windows on Facebook below.

Multi-Channel Source Attribution Facebook attribution works as specified above regardless of other sources. EMMA uses last click attribution.
Time Difference Facebook works under the GMT-7 time zone so the day ends later than in our time zone. At EMMA we work under the CET time zone, so it may take a while for the data to update with the Facebook data due to the time difference.

In order to view the different attribution windows on Facebook (compare the click-through attributed installs on Facebook with the ones on EMMA), visit Facebook and configure the attribution window as shown in the following screenshot:


For more information regarding possible discrepancies between Facebook and EMMA, please contact



Can I see clicks from Facebook App Installs campaigns in the EMMA dashboard?

The 3rd party integration with Facebook official partners includes only the conversion and engagement data. However Facebook allows an API connection to get impressions, clicks and campaign costs. Follow these instructions to enable it.

Why do I have a source called RESTRICTED within the Facebook Campaign in EMMA?

On April 22sd of 2020 Facebook made some changes that directly affect to the Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) programme by which they restrict certain information of those installs that come from an impression. Because of this, we can't know the name of the campaign to which these installs belong and it is received by default by Facebook as a RESTRICTED campaign and for this reason this source is displayed within the Facebook campaign in EMMA. 

Can I see mobile app installs in Facebook dashboard and Power Editor?

Yes, with this integration you will be able to see conversions in both platforms, EMMA and Facebook dashboards.

¿What level of Facebook campaign detail is displayed in EMMA?

A new campaign will be created in EMMA Apptracker based on the campaign placement: Facebook Audience, Facebook and Instagram. Also, offers a breakdown at ad group level in Apptracker reporting by adding a new source for each ad group.

How can I test my Facebook App Installs setup?

Facebook doesn’t allow check the setup in a test environment so we highly suggest to launch a test campaign with a budget cap to verify if the first installs are being registered in EMMA dashboard before open the cap.

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