Tracking with Google Adwords

EMMA allows you to measure clicks, installs and post-installation events (transactions, potential customers, buyers ...) associated with the Google Adwords campaigns.

In addition to measuring our dashboard, you can update the tracked installs with EMMA in your AdWords account through integration the Adwords S2S pixel.


Tracking with Google Adwords iOS

You must follow these steps to tracking your Google Adwords iOS campaigns:

1. Access your Google Adwords account and select Tools > Conversions


2. Select on Add a new conversion (+ Conversion)


3. Select iOS platform e Installs as the action type you want supervise.


4. Set the name and conversion value and select Save and Continue. 


5. Configure the tracking method by selecting the feed server-to-server option. Copy the CONVERSION_ID and LABEL_ID and send it with the BUNDLE ID (com.example.myapp) to Then save.


6. You receive an email from our team of experts to confirm the conversion tag integration that you sent us.

7. Add a new campaign on the EMMA AppTracker setting iOS URL and Web URL filling it with he same download URL to your App in AppStore. You must leave the url of Android and Windows Phone in white. Also add a source  to get the redirect, select Adwords iOS provider that has been created by our team at step 6.

8. Add a new Adwords campaign to app installs on iOS  and set the EMMA URL like a tracking template.


Introduces this url in tracking template field:{_entw}&url={lpurl}

Also add a personal param with the entw name and the value equal to the alphanumeric series generated for the source EMMA URL.



Google Adwords can only receive notification facilities campaigns in-app download (Display). This means that if you're getting traffic from Mobile Web, Search and / or Search Partners, these installs will be traked at EMMA but will not be displayed on the Adwords dashboard.

Therefore, although you can view all conversions in EMMA (from all Adwords campaigns) you onlu can see the conversions from previous campaigns on your AdWords account.


Tracking with Google Adwords Android

Google Adwords Android enables EMMA to get the installs and events post-installation broken down by keyword. However the third-party tracking through templates Adwords tracking is not permitted so EMMA can't view the clicks of such campaigns.

In addition to measuring our dashboard, the Adwords dashboard will display all data about conversion install without integrating a different EMMA SDK.

Follow that steps to configure:

1. Acces to your Google Adwords accound and select Tools > Conversions


2. Select on Add a new conversion (+ Conversion)


3. Select Android platform and Installs (on the first opening) as the action type you going to supervise.


4. Set the name and conversion value.  el nombre y valor de la conversión. Look at the notification URL field, after you should fill it deberás. Click on save and continuous. 


5. Configure the tracking method by selecting the feed server-to-server option. Copy the CONVERSION_ID and LABEL_ID and send it with the BUNDLE ID (com.example.myapp) to Then save.


6. You will receive an email from our team of experts with the URL you need to fill in Notification created by editing the conversion.

Edit the URL by entering the URL notification that you have sent. The URL will have this structure app_id changing the ending.{adid}&lat={lat}&click_url={click_url}&click_timestamp={click_ts}&trv_campaign_id={campaign_id}&video_id={video_id}&app_id=776


Click on Save.


7. Add a new Adwords campaign to install one Android App. The finish URL should be the same to GooglePlay. Monitoring templates are not supported.



Google Adwords campaigns Android are automatically created on your EMMA dashboard when the first installation campaign will be generated.

Will be created a campaign for each of the Adwords channels that are generating traffic:

  • Search
  • Search Partners
  • Display
  • Youtube TrueView

Within each campaign they will be broken down by keyword facilities.


Adwords: In-App event notification

With EMMA you can send user's in-app activity to Adwords. That allows you to create conversion labels in Adwords in relation with events that are launched after the installation and therefore, optimize your campaigns based on this information.

To do that: 

1. Login your EMMA account and select My Account> Configuration > Edit App in the right-side bar menu:




2. Complete your Media Source Settings into iOS and Android boards. Click to Save Options into each board and Submit to apply changes. Copy the url postback for Adwords displayed at the bottom of each board. Have notice you will have one url for iOS and another one for Android.



3. Login your Adwords Account and select Tools > Conversions


4. Click on add new conversion (+ Conversion)


5. Select as a type of conversion: The first time the app is opened, the OS and action.


6. Name your new conversion, select your app an add the Postback URL you copied before in the EMMA My Account Dashboard. Save and save and continue. Remeber that notification URL is different for each OS (iOS/Android).



7. Select the option feed server to serve in order to obtain the conversion label. Copy them. Add as many event conversions as you need for each OS and save them so you can finalize the setup later on in EMMA.


8. Go back to EMMA, go to My Account > See Events and fill the conversion info of the event you want. 


Once the event is set up correctly, an Adwords icon will be displayed in the list view:




Can I see my App installs in my AdWords account?

Yes, this notification system you will see the conversions on both platforms, both EMMA and Adwords if you're doing any of these campaigns:

  • Mobile App Installs
  • Mobile App Engagement
  • Ads in mobile apps

To the rest of traffic you will see conversions EMMA but not Adwords.

Can I see installs from Adwords campaigns in EMMA?

Sure! EMMA track of all your campaigns if you are using Google Adwords as templates redirects our monitoring in iOS and our notification URL set in Adwords conversion.

Can I see Adwords clicks generated in EMMA?

No, Google Adwords campaigns Android not allowed to use third-party tracking templates that EMMA will see only post-installation facilities and events.

How I can test my configuration Adwords?

Google Adwords does not allow to test the settings in a test environment so we recommend launching a test campaign with a budget cap, to see if the first installations are being recorded correctly in EMMA.

I have discrepancies between EMMA and Adwords

Google may have a delay of 72 hours to process tracking 3rd party notifications so sometimes the discrepancy may be related to this topic. Between 10 and 20% of discrepancies are common between Google and 3rd party tracker.

Also, note that EMMA measures all types of Adwords campaign while in Adwords only shows in-app download (Display).

What level of breakdown can I see in the EMMA AppTracker about Adwords campaigns?

According to the Adwords campaign you want to see, in our AppTracker you will find different information:

  • Google Search: In the EMMA AppTracker you can find the campaign disaggregated by the Keywords attributed by a conversion.
  • Google Display: In the EMMA AppTracker you can find a cumulative of all the campaign associated with this modality. 
  • Universal App Campaign: In the EMMA AppTracker you won't be able to be find the breakdown by Keywords because in this type of campaign Google Adwords doesn't sent this information to our platform. 
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