Tracking Twitter App Promotion

Twitter App Promotion is the Twitter format oriented to reach new app users in mobile devices.


In order to start measuring Twitter App Promotion campaigns you need to follow these instructions:


  1. Go to Twitter and enable the 3rd party tracking adding an ads manager access to the EMMA account @eMMaIO. You will receive a confirmation from the EMMA Team to continue with the campaign setup.EMMA_2.png
  2. Notify your Account Manager that managed access has already been created for the @emmaIO user so that they can make the necessary settings. 
  3. Once your Account Manager has given you the OK, continue with steps 4 and 5 of this documentation. 
  4. Create your Twitter App Card. Click here and follow these steps.
  5. Setup your campaign with Twitter. Click here to get all the instructions. Be sure the conversion tracking is enable:


Performance data will automatically enter in EMMA once the campaign is activated and generating data.



Can I see clicks from Twitter App Promotion campaigns in the EMMA dashboard?

The 3rd party integration with Twitter official partners includes only the conversion and engagement data. We don’t have access to the clicks data.

Can I see mobile app installs in Twitter ads dashboard?

Yes, with this integration you will be able to see conversions in both platforms, EMMA and Twitter dashboards.

How can I test my Twitter App Promotion setup?

Twitter doesn’t allow check the setup in a test environment so we highly suggest to launch a test campaign with a budget cap to verify if the first installs are being registered in EMMA dashboard before open the cap.

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