How to create your custom Funnel

If you want to check the user activity of your App quickly, EMMA gives you the option to do that in a simple way: create custom Funnels. 

In this section, you can create all the Funnels that you need with your available events and in the period time that you choose. 




 How to create your custom Funnel

1.  Login in EMMA website and go to Behavior > Funnels

2.  Select the date range you want to apply to your report and you can also select the Operating System you want to be shown (iOS/Android) or by default it will be selected both of them (All OS):



3.  Now you can select from the events or campaigns that are being measured with EMMA to create a new funnel.  

Note the following icons for the campaigns:

    • Bolt: EMMA custom events.
    • Hand: results will be displayed based on clicks.
    • Eye: Results will be displayed based on impressions.


Funnels_Events.png         Funnels_Campaings.png

You will be able to add as many events as you want clicking on 'Add Step' button. 

You can also move the position of the events, except for the first event selected, clicking on Drag me or delete them clicking on Delete.



4.  The funnel will be automatically drawn showing the results:

  • Number of users that have done the events combined in the data range. 
  • Percentage of users that have done the event comparing with the previous event into the funnel.


  • Numer of Steps: Total number of steps.
  • Worse Step: The worse step where you are loosing more user's percentage.
  • Conversion at end: Percentage of users that finish the funnel from the start step.



5.  You can export the devices included in every step of the funnel with the new button "Export Users".  


A preview of the available data will be shown on your screen. You can also customize the columns that you want to be added to the report and a 'Export' button which generates a .csv. Click here to know all what you can do with this kind of report.



6. Once you finish your funnel, you can save to use it later clicking on 'Save as funnel' and choosing a name to your new custom funnel. 


7. You can use your saved funnels when you want clicking on 'Load funnel'Once the funnel will be loaded you could also delete it clicking on 'Delete name of the Funnel'



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