How to edit, pause, clone or delete Push Notifications

From EMMA you can edit, pause, clone or delete push notifications once they have been programmed. In order to see how to carry out each of these options, keep reading.


How to edit Push notifications


You can only edit those notifications which are in Repeat Mode, Rules Mode and/or Waiting states. The campaigns which have other state can’t be edit because it have already been delivered.

In order to edit your push campaigns you have to:

1. Go to the resume table of Communication > Push screen where are all of the active and finished push campaigns and click on edit from the contextual menu of the wanted campaign. 


2. Modify the fields of the campaig you want and click on Refresh button on the bottom right of the screen.


3. Click on the edit button which is on the bottom left of the screen and then, accept the edition you have done to apply all changes on your communication.


The next table, show what fields you can modify according to the state of your communication:


How can I modify

Repeat Mode

All fields can be modified except Control group

Rules Mode

Message y Rich push URL are the only fields which can be modified


All fields can be modified


How to pause Push notifications

It’s important that you keep in mind that you can only pause those push notifications that are on "Repeat Mode" or ”Rules Mode" state. In order to pause them you have to:

1. Go to the resume table of Communication > Push screen and click on Pause button on the Push Communication that you want to pause:


2. When you click on pause, the next message will be shown on your screen. You have to accept it in order to stop the campaign:



Press Refresh to update the audience before update the communication. 

If you want to reactivate the campaign you have to select Play button from the contextual menu again and accept the message to send it again:





How to clone Push notifications

You can clone any push notification regardless of it state. Keep in mind that once you clone the campaign, the push form will show on the configuration of the selected campaign, except the fields of programming date.

In order to clone a Push notification you have to follow these steps:

1. Click on Clone from contextual menu of the push notification which you want to clone.


2. Modify the information which you need and click on Refresh on the buttom right part of the screen in order to update the changes.


3. Click on Send on the buttom right part of the screen and accept the pop up shipping confirmation of the push notification doing click on Send.

Ready! Your push notification has been cloned and sent



How to delete Push notifications

If you want to delete a Push notification which you have programed you have to:

1. Go to the resume table and, on Scheduled Push Campaigns, click on the contextual menu on Delete button of the wanted communication.


2. Approves the message to confirm the delete action.



Only the Push Notifications which have not yet started sending or those which are in repeat mode can be deleted. 



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