EMMA Pixel s2s Integration

If your app has integrated a different SDK than EMMA SDK, or you want to measure conversions of a mobile web, you can follow up these attribution in your EMMA dashboard through a pixel server to server.

1. Configure the EMMA pixel in the 3rd party tracker or mobile web. 

You can do it trough our global postback or our script. This postback should be called every time there are conversions. 

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
document.write('<img src="https://eat.emmasolutions.net/postback/image/1x1w.png?eid=[CLICKID]" width="1" height="1" border="0"></img>');
<NOSCRIPT><img src="https://eat.emmasolutions.net/postback/image/1x1w.png?eid=[CLICKID]" width="1" height="1" border="0"></img></NOSCRIPT>

This pixel can have different colors that are listed below:

  • 1x1w.png so that the color of the pixel is white
  • 1x1b.png so that the color of the pixel is black
  • 1x1t.png so that the color of the pixel is transparent
  • 1x1.png so that the color of the pixel is transparent

The "eid" variable will be sent by EMMA through the redirect. This variable should be catched and completed in the postback for doing match between the EMMA Click and the attribution.

Appart from the eid param of the pixel, other params that will be associated with the click in case of attribution can be facilitated.

These are the eat_sub1  to eat_sub22 with general purpose params. As these params can be sent in the url when EMMA redirects, you must be careful in not overwritten them at the attribution moment. 

2. Configure your campaign in the EMMA dashboard with the tracking link the 3rd party tracker sent. See this article to kow how to create new campaigns in te Apptracker. 

When a click was produced through the tracking link, EMMA will redirect the user to the destination URL by adding the [CLICK ID] as parameter.

For example:

EMMA Tracking Link :


The EMMA tracking link redirect to http://www.yoururl.com?eid=[CLICK_ID]

3. Create different sources or tracking links in your new campaign by introducing the parameter name click id taht the 3rd party tracker or the msite needs to capture this value.

Automatically, EMMA uses the eid variable to send the CLICK_ID, but you can replace editing the source:

  • Use the exid parameter if it´s another EMMA account that will notify the conversion. 

  • Use the aid parameter if it´ll notify the conversion from AppBurn. 

  • Use the aff_sub parameter if it´ll notify the conversion from Hasoffers. 

  • Use the tags parameter if it´ll notify the conversion from ClicksMob

  • Use the eid parameter( it isn´t required to replace) if it´ll notify the conversion from Appsflyer. 

  • Make contact with the 3rd party tracking team to get the click id for others notification of server to server conversations.  

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