Ad-Network Integration Guide

EMMA can give you feedback when a conversion, coming from your traffic, is made. When our tracker algorithm matches an install from a click , it can be notified to your system thanks to a previously configured callback.

For configuring your callback URL you need to send an email to with the following info:

  1. Your base URL of your api or your S2S pixel.
  2. Parameters and dynamic or fixed values you will append through the redirection. Consult this post to know how you have to append your params. It’s highly recommended to append a unique identifier of the device in order to improve downloads reliability. 
  3. Your company logo with 225x100 px. We will add you to our partnership list.

EMMA will send the notification with your base url structure and optionally will append the following GET parameters at the end like that:


Unique identifier of the device


Coordinate of the device (if it is allowed on the app)


Coordinate of the device (if it is allowed on the app)


Install timestamp

Specify in your mail if you don't want to receive our GET parameters.


Here you have our server IP's in case you need it to add it to your Whitelist. 

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