What's new in EMMA?

This document contains the evolution of EMMA versions and improvements.


EMMA 4.2.13 - September 14, 2018

  • New feature! Our anti-fraud tool is now available so you can detect all the lying installations that your networks put on you. Discover how it works here
  • New SDK version for Android (4.2.19). Update now!
  • New SDK version for iOS (4.2.11). Update now!
  • We have improved our StartView to make more intelligent redirections.

    And now... The bugs!
  • We have detected and corrected some discrepancies in the data displayed between the Installs, Explore and Funnel screens. One less thing!
  • We have solved an issue where in some cases and users the Source could be created but the events to be measured could not be configured.
  • We have detected and corrected a problem in the integration with Amplitude for some data and situations in which the information was not updated 100% correct.
  • We have fixed an issue where RULES did not respect the campaign pause.
  • We have fixed a problem in BANNERS that Shown time and Frecuency did not work for some clients.
  • We have detected and fixed an inconsistency in the data of the Explore by which showed more users who have logged in than login events.
  • We have corrected a problem in Funnels where sometimes the data was not refreshed when applying the operating system filter.
  • We have fixed two crashes detected in the SDK version for iOS 4.2.10.
  • Fixed an issue where some coupons were shown indefinitely.
  • When cloning a campaign in messaging, the Continue button was uninhabited for some campaigns and later "solo" was activated. We've slain the programmer. Something else!
  • We have fixed an issue where some CSV files do not upload well to EMMA. In the end it was the UTC of the file but we spent 3 days looking like crazy. Now you can upload it with the Chinese UTC if you want.
  • We have fixed the options that appear in Explore when you select the Push opens filter.
  • We realized that the timezone, the time zone when an installation is performed, was saved badly when the user had a timezone different from its location on the device. So we have fixed it and now the data fits perfectly. Goodness!


EMMA 4.2.13 - July 25, 2018

  • We have created the new "Share Campaign" functionality that allows you to share communications with different Apps.
  • Our SDK now allows direct integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • We have improved the Roles functionality by adjusting the permissions of the different profiles and the communications that each one receives.
  • We have improved the Coupons functionality to allow daily redemption limits and exceptions.
  • Fixed an error whereby in some situations for some Apps the Install event was not generated in Facebook campaigns.
  • Fixed an error that did not respond KO if the App sent a purchase that could not be associated to a customer in EMMA.
  • Fixed an error where the StartView could not be closed in case the user navigated through several screens.
  • Fixed an error whereby Push Limit did not work on some occasions.
  • Fixed an error where the Retargeting Unique click did not generate attributions in some Apps.
  • We have corrected an error by which EMMA was not informed of whether an event reported by the user had been removed for measurement.
  • We have corrected an error by which sometimes the Raw Export CSV was not complete.
  • We have corrected the selection of hours when programming a campaign so that it does not allow to select the last 5 minutes of each hour if there are less than 2 minutes left and select the next hour directly.
  • New version SDK for Android (4.2.16)
  • New SDK version for iOS (4.2.10)

EMMA 4.2.10 - April 1, 2018

  • We have integrated EMMA with the new Google AdWords interface so that on April 1, we would be ready with the new version of the Google API for Universal App Campaigns.
  • We have created a new Rule for Coupons that allows you to activate a coupon when another is redeemed.
  • We have integrated EMMA with MOBUSI via Server 2 Server to measure 100% of the traffic.
  • We have integrated EMMA with Mobipium, Aye-T Solution, Mottnow, Effectmobi, Sparklemob, Trooperads, Winclap, Wewomobi, The Cactus Road, AppAve, YTZ and Lagora. And there are already 527 AdNetworks and integrated DSPs!
  • We have polished the EMMA pixel to allow integration into AdServers that make calls via script.
  • We have improved the integration with Facebook to update the latest news of its API.


EMMA 4.2.9 -  March 1, 2018

  • With our new Multiple Native Ads, EMMA will return you all Native Ads available, instead of just one for template. 
  • Now you can schedule your coupons to make them run automatically with our Automatic Coupons. Choose one rule and be ready to build a solid customer loyalty!
  • We have improved our Role System, we integrated mail notifications so that every role responsible of a task will receive a mail each time a campaign depends of their actions (validation, segmentation, etc). Furthermore, that mails will contain a redirection link to the campaign in action. Fast and comfortable! 
  • We have polished our AppTracker. For one hand, Transaction ID field will appear now as Click ID, we have also fixed some bugs and we have introduced a button named Click Export, which will let you export all your data from clicks generated by your campaigns.  
  • We have corrected a bug that won't let you generate events graphics in Custom Dashboard panel.
  • We have reactivated KPI Last version, which was not showing data
  • Multiple Devices filter. Now it shows you whose customers using one or more devices. Check out how it works here.   
  • New SDK version for Android (4.2.6)
  • New SDK version for iOS (4.2.5)


EMMA 4.2.8 - February 1, 2018

  • Now we have Re-targeting campaigns. Here you can see all what EMMA AppTracker can offer you with this new campaign model.
  • We have sped up our Raw Export. Now you can preview what you are downloading and choose what information do you want to get in your csv. 
  • We have polished to Funnels panel. Now you could make a Raw Export of every step of your funnels and get exactly the data of the user you are interested in. 
  • We have removed a button which was not point where it should.
  • We have fixed a bug what was not letting to refresh the interface when you made a big query in Explore panel.   
  • New SDK version for Android (4.2.4)
  • New SDK version for iOS (4.2.3)


EMMA 4.2.7 - December 29, 2017 (Samuel Mason)

  • New API available! Improved to infinity and beyond. Discover all the new features here
  • StartView is now compatible with iPhone X. And by the way, we have changed the closing icon to make it look beautiful.
  • Limit exposure of campaigns. Now if you want you can limit that your communication campaigns are only seen at certain times or of course, as before, all day. See how it works here.
  • Some of our customers have been using their App for more than 10 years and this generates some discrepancies with respect to the data provided by the App Store and Google Play, since they only measure the latest version. Therefore, we have added a new KPI: Installs Last Version that is available from now in the Executive Summary.
  • We have fixed an incorrect text that appeared in the Summary of the communication campaigns.
  • We have fixed a bug that allowed to choose infinitely the same value in a filter.
  • We have integrated with PlayGround.
  • We have integrated with Weborama.
  • New version of SDK for Android (4.2.3)
  • New version of SDK for iOS (4.2.1)


EMMA 4.2.6 - November 20, 2017

  • New Explore+. Now supports AND & OR filters and sub filters.
  • New roles to prevaliste communications campaigns.
  • New custom messages in communications. Now you can use tags like {{NAME}} in all your messages (Push & In-App).
  • Full events names in Funnels
  • Bug fixes.


EMMA 4.2.5 - November 1, 2017

  • EMMA - Amplitude integration improves.
  • New Android SDK version with Oreo support (4.2)
  • New iOS SDK version (4.2)
  • New Xamarin SDK version (3.0)


 EMMA 4.2.4 - October 15, 2017

  • New: iOS SDK - New version available (4.1.3)
  • New: Android SDK: New version available. (4.1.3)
  • Improvement: Rules - We fixed a bug with In-App Messaging to launch communications at scheduled time.
  • Improvement: Communication Report - We have optimized times to show results.
  • Improvement: Powlink -We have optimized times to redirect communications via deeplink.


 EMMA 4.2.3 - September 14, 2017

  • New: Native Ads
  • New: Automated tracking events
  • New: Custom Dashboards
  • New: Modern method structure
  • New: Impact limits in Messaging
  • New: Integration with Amplitude
  • Improvement: Communication report
  • Improvement: segmentation with Remote CSV 
  • Improvement: AdBall positioning & performance
  • Improvement: Rules - Automatic push now with Deeplink and increased the priorities
  • Improvement: Funnels - Campaigns as origin
  • Improvement: Behavior & metrics in Messaging In-App
  • Bug fixes


EMMA 4.2.2 - July 24, 2017

  • Bug fixes and maintenance
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