In the Apptracker Installs you can consult all the data of your campaigns and you can compare them with organic installs. With the Installs you can know how the installs evolve in your App in a quick way. If you want to know this:

Login in EMMA and go to Acquisition > Installs:


The first thing you have to keep in mind is that in the Executive Summary you will see the data depending on the period of time you select. EMMA allows you to select different time intervals either by default or by specifying a custom data range:


You can select if you wan to see All Installs or choose between two types of installs: Paid or Organic:


Once you have selected the period of time you want to see, you will see the following information:


  • All Installs: new users at the data range selected
  • Retention: percentage of retention of users who have downloaded the app in the selected period.
  • Cost: budget spent on the campaigns. 
  • Revenue: Total proft from the campaigns. 

Next, you will see three differentiated sections where specific graphs will be displayed:


In the first graph you will see the information about the app installs. You can choose what you want to see, if you want to see the data per Days, Week or Months. Also, you can click on the graph so you will see the detail information of the selected KPI.

You also can filter by:

  • by OS


  • by Retention


  • by Country



In the next graph you will see the information about the sources that your campaign users come from. So you can locate which of them are better.



In the last part of the Installs you can consult the Return of Investment (ROI) of your campaigns. You will see this data in a graph where you can see the results by provider and where you can select the day, week or month filter:


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