Testing your App

The key for the EMMA data accuracy is that our SDK is integrated correctly.  From EMMA recommend the tests are running before deploy your app in the stores for the very first time and periodically in each important app update.


How to create a Segment Test

You can create a segment test including your own devices in order to test the data collect or visualize the Communication formats:

1. Go to Behavior > Explore.



2. Select your principal KPI  I want to see > Users and add the filter Device ID > equals > ....Here you have to introduce your Advertising ID.  


You can add as ID's as you want in the test segment, but they have to be separated by commas and without spaces between them.



3. Select Show to update the information and EMMA will locate your devices.

In the upper right you can see the number of devices matched. Then you have to select Saved as a new Segment to create the test segment:



4. Select a segment name and click on Accept (aceptar) to create it:



5. Your segment will be saved in EMMA and you can find it in the option of Load a previously saved Segment  below the default EMMA filters: 


IMPORTANT: if you want to delete the created segment, you only have to go to Load a previously saved Segment to find it and click on the trash icon which appears on the right:



How to reset an user

You can delete any device from the EMMA database in order to test your app and track your device as a new user (install) as many times as you want. 

1. Login in EMMA and go to My Account. If you have several Apps, choose the one you want to reset the user from: 



2.  Click on the Test button and select Reset User:



3.  EMMA will show you a message where you could insert your IDFA (for iOS) or your AAID (for Android). Click on OK to confirm the erased. Click here if you don't know what is your IDFA/AAID.



How to get your Device ID

You can use your advertising device ID to test your app as a new user (new install):

  • For Android devices:

Go to Google Settings > Ads. Copy your advertising ID.


  • For iOS devices:

Get this app and copy the advertising identifier (IDFA) row. 



 IMPORTANT: If you are using TestFlight,  your ID could change. Review this point if you're having problems looking for your device into the Data Base or receiving communications. 

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