First steps with EMMA

Welcome to EMMA! We are happy that you begin this new experience with our platform. Let's start!

Follow these steps to start using the platform with your App:


Create a new account

1.  Go to the EMMA sign up, enter your data, agree the EMMA Terms of Service and get started.


2.  In a few seconds you will receive an e-mail with a link to verify your account. It’s necessary to verify your account before you can login in the platform.

If you don’t receive the email please get in contact with

3.  Once the account is verified you can login with your email and password.
You can recover your password when you need it through the option available in the login screen.


Congratulations, your account is ready to use! 

Get in contact with us if you want to schedule a training or change for a PREMIUM plan.


Track your first App (get EMMA Session Key)

How to create your App in EMMA platform? You should follow these steps:

1.  Login EMMA website, go to My Account section and select Add an App button.


2.  Fill in your App data and save it. You can introduce an App name, an App icon, select your App business category and the currency you prefer. Enable encrypted option if you want to hardcore some information about the device. 



Don't use "Encrypted option" if you need to work with advertising id's for your campaigns.

3.  Copy the Session Key Code you have generated adding your new app. The Session Key will be used to connect the EMMA SDK integrated in your app with your EMMA account. 


4.  Send the EMMA SDK, integration guides and Session Key Code to your development team.

5.  Check with our Tech team the integration to verify all the EMMA SDK functionalities before update your app to the stores.

6.  Update your new app version with EMMA SDK integrated in the stores.


Invite users to your account

EMMA allows you to create logins for different users with multiple roles. You should follow these steps to add a new user:

1.  Login EMMA website and go to My Account > Users and select Create User button:


 2.  Fill the following information about the user:


  • User email: enter the user email
  • Role: select the role of the new user Client, Agency or Provider.
Role Permission
Client These accesses allows you to operate (create, edit, delete) in any EMMA section. You also can create and edit the apps and the users of an account but you can't delete them.   
Provider This access can only view certain Apptracker campaigns. It can't edit, modify or delete any of them.  

You can enable three new roles for communication campaigns pre-validation by following these instructions.  

  • Is Admin?: select this option if you want the new user will have full access to the tool.The Admin users can manage the roles of the pre-validation campaigns.
  • User Regional Settings: select the Timezone and the currency that it will apply for the reporting.
  • Apps: select the app or the apps the user will use.

3. Finally, you should click on Create New User button to activate it. The new user will received an e-mail to join EMMA.


In Provider role cases, you should contact with EXPERT SERVICES so we'll finish the process to guarantee the new user only sees the campaigns you want.

Optional. If you want to modify the selected role or generate a new one, press on Edit Role to change the permissions of each Role or create a new one.




Disable Adblock

Adblock is an extension that Internet browsers used to block ads on websites. Its activation could be disable your access on EMMA. In this case, we recommend disable Adblock. Here's how:

Adblock on Chrome 

1.  Open the browser and go to configuration button (up and right)


2.  Select More tools > Extensions on the menu


3.  Deselect the box to disable Adblock



Adblock on Safari

1.  Open the browser and select Safari button > Preferences


2.  Select Extensions on menu tool 


3.  Click on Adblock in the extensions list in the left menu and change the button "yes" to "no" on the preferences tool


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