Push Status. Breakdown review.

Push Status is an advanced reporting section that you can hire to complete the data of your Push campaigns. This section provides you all the information of each one of the impacted devices with your Push communications.

1. Login in EMMA and go to Communication > Push Status.

2. Select the period of time you want to consult:


3. You will see all the devices that have received a push notification during the select period. You will get the following information per device, in addition to the events integrated in your app:

User ID

User identification number from EMMA platform. 

Push ID

Push identification number.  

Device ID

Unique identification number by iOS (IDFA) and Android (AAID)


Name of the campaign to which the identifier is associated.

Push Received

Push delivered status for each device (Yes/No)

Push Opened

Push opening status for each device (Yes/No)

Sent date

Delivery date of the push to that device.


Status of the tags assigned to the device at the time the report is viewed.


4. You can select the number of devices you want to be displayed on the screen:


5. You can export the queried data by selecting the Raw Export button that appears below the table. Remember that the query will always be displayed based on the selected time period:



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