Consult or delete campaigns

Los mensajes programados se pueden consultar, modificar o eliminar. A continuación se muestran los pasos a seguir para poder realizar estas acciones:

Once you have login on EMMA, go to Communication > Messaging. Here you can see a table whit all the campaigns scheduled and saved:


Search on the table the campaign you want to consult and click on the name (Campaign Name). Then, you will se the final screen of the campaign summary. From this screen you can edit or clone the campaign. Close this screen by clicking on Close Details.


Check the historical of your campaign modifications by clicking on the context menu on the left of the campaign name and selecting the option History.



Edit your campaign form context menu on the left of the campaign name or by clicking on the campaign name and then press the edit bottom.


Keep on mind that the segment’s data can take time, it depends on the filter combination’s which you have selected and the users volume of your data base. Until the segment data has charge correctly, for safety, EMMA will not let you continue with the edit.


Click on context menu and select Clone in order to clone one of your programmed campaigns.

Click on context menu and select Pause/Play in order to pause or play your campaigns.


You can delete the campaign by pressing on the bin icon on the context menu. Keep on mind that you can not undone this action. delete_campan_as.png

When you select this option, a confirm message will be shown to delete the campaign. Select Yes, delete it! If you want to continue or No, keep it if you are not sure.


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