Create and edit events

In EMMA you can use the events to identify the user behavior in your App. You can decide how you want to measure this behavior by delimiting the number and the type of events you want to measure. 

We highly recommend read this article to know which is best metric for you before start to create them.


1. How to create events

1.  Login in EMMA Website and go to Manage > Events



2. Click on Add Event to add a new event. 


You can create until 30 events without cost per app with the LITE PLAN. Roll out your Plan in My Account > My Plan if you need more events. 


3. You should field the following data:


  • Name: select a name for the event. This name is the one you will see in the reporting section.
  • Token: the event token is the identifier you should integrate in your app code to track this custom event. If you do not cover this field, EMMA will automatically assign a token for each event to identify them.  
  • Postback (optional): optionally you can set a valid URL to be called if you want EMMA notify when an event occurs.
  • Active: choose if you want to select the event as active or inactive. If you select the inactive mode  EMMA will stop recording data for this event.
  • Is a screen?: select this option if the event is a screen of your app. It's important identify which events belong to the action of see a screen due there are RULES depending on this election.
  • Adwords integration: if you have a previous integration with Adwords (more info here) you can send events to Adwords to measure them. 
  • Facebook integration: if you are measuring Facebook with EMMA you can send the desired events to the social network for measurement. If you want to know how to measure Facebook with EMMA here you have the necessary documentation. 
  • Order: set an order for the event begin the first one number 1 and 30 the last one. That will help you seeing the events in your perfect order into the Explore section and reporting.  

2. How to edit an event

You can edit an event anytime, you only have to go to My Account > See events and select the pencil icon on the left:  


The changes that you make doesn't affect to the event token that is already generated.  You can modify all the others fields:


EMMA will confirm you that the changes were successful updated once you click on  "Modify".


Once the events have been implemented, you can start seeing and using them at Behavior > Explore. EMMA will automatically register the events in real time with a maximum delay of 5 minutes.


3. How to delete an event

To delete an event, you have to select the  - button that is on the left of the event you want to delete: 


EMMA will ask you if you are sure of delete the event and once you confirm it, it will be deleted: 


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