Automate your communications with EMMA Rules

EMMA RULES is the new technology of EMMA that allows you set rules for the automation of the communications with your users.

Based on the app tagging you have done, EMMA RULES uses this information for launch auto-communications to your app users meeting the criteria of your rule. 


1. How to create your first EMMA RULE

 1.  Login EMMA and go to Behavior > Rules

2.  Click on Add Rule in order to add a new rule:


3.  Complete the form displayed with the following info:


  • Recipe:

A recipe is the behavior determinant that makes EMMA affect ones or others users. Select one of the available recipes of the drop-down. Know how each recipe works clicking here. If your recipe is not available, you can suggest us to add it following these instructions.

  • Action:

Select which sort of communication campaign you are going to use. Presently there are two methods:

1. Send Push message: send a push notification to the users meeting the criteria of the recipe. Complete the text you want to send in the push notification and select the sent hour:


2. Send Automatic campaign: applies a messaging automated campaign created before in Communication > Messaging to the recipe


If the selector is empty is because you haven't already created the messaging campaign or because you haven't created it with the Automatic Campaign for Rules method. Follow these instructions to create your first messaging automated campaign and apply it, later, to EMMA RULES.

Define the  priority of the communication selecting between values 1 and 9 in the priority tree, where 1 corresponds to the lowest level Low, 5 to Medium and 9 would be the highest (High). This priority will be used by EMMA in the case multiple messaging formats coincide for the same users and for the same screens of the app. In that way, if a Startview with High priority and and Adball with Medium priority are live at the same time, same screen and same user, only the Startview will be displayed. In the case two or more formats are coinciding with the same priority, only the most recent creation campaign will be displayed. With this new scale of priorities, it will be possible to have 9 simultaneous campaigns.

Important information: If there are several Rules active, and the one with the highest priority, has a campaign that for some reason of segmentation, frequency, etc., is not shown, EMMA will NOT show the next Rule with the highest priority instead. Otherwise, the user will not be shown anything.

EMMA first chooses among the Rules the one with the highest priority and then if the selected Rule has a campaign to be shown to that user.

3. Create automatic coupon: It allows to apply a automated coupon created before in Communication > Messaging to the recipe


If the selector is empty is because you haven't already created the coupon or because you haven't created it with the Automatic Campaign for Rules method. Follow these instructions to create your first automated coupon and apply it, later, to EMMA RULES.

  • Launch:

Define the date when you want EMMA RULE starts. By default,  rules remain active until you delete them, but you can define an end date selecting ENDLESS = No and filling the End date.



4. Name your rule so you can identify it in the rules list. 

5.  Click in Launch Rule.

2. Consult or delete rules

Once you create your first EMMA RULE, you can consult, delete or export the Active Rules.

The table shows the rule name, the applied recipe, the action that EMMA will execute and the start and end dates.

Use the Search field to easily find your rules

If you need to delete the rule, you have to mouse-over to the left of the Name column and click in the trash icon.


You can export the table clicking in the  Export Data bottom.

3. Available recipes

Currently, EMMA has enabled 3 recipes to three different behaviors: 

  • On his Birthday:

Impact the user on his birthday. In order EMMA could correctly receive the information about the user birthday, a TAG iOS and Android

  • User registered yesterday : 

Impact the user one day after registering. 

  • User on screen

Impact the user when he goes to a screen of the App. This option allows you to establish communication rules depending on the screens that your user interacts with. If the screen list appears empty it is because EMMA doesn't detect any event like screen. You can establish by yourself the events that you want to be defined as a screen. To do that, follow these instructions

  • User redeemed a coupon

This option allows you to show a coupon only when the user has redeemed another one. For that you should choose what coupon has to be redeemed and what coupon has to be shown once this action is done.

4. Add new recipes

It's possible that the option you need to automatize your communications isn't in the recipes list. 

Every month, EMMA will add new automation methods to the recipe list and we'll keep in mind all your suggestions that you send us to Your help and experience are essentials to achieve the most powerful list of  Automated Mobile Marketing.


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